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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 26, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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police targeted while making an arrest. >> this great arrest almost turned into a tragedy. >> several philadelphia police officers sent scrambling for their lives when a car barrels through an active crime scene, why they believe that driver was trying to run them down. cutting ties the university of delaware taking action in response to professor comments about the death of otto warmbier and what she said about the american college student that cost her, her job. sky ride free fall.
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a local teenager dank also from an amusement park ride before falling in the crowd below, how the people on the ground jumped in to action to save her life. supreme court in session, one final time before a long summer break. justices are expected to act on president trump's controversial travel ban but talks of another potential announcement could make even bigger headlines today. he has had his nose pierced, he was forced to wear a man romper. >> i feel like i could go somewhere. >> sure. >> and be a legitimate person. >> and kept a watchful eye over our good day pool party so what is next for richard curtis on good day philadelphia find out today when he co hosts or 9:00 a.m. hour. >> that is like new anchor standard, you walk through news room sleeveless, just like richard, really. now we will all have to follow suit and solve tweety arms. >> yes. >> he was showing it off.
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>> we are excited that he is coming back. it will be fun. >> 9:00 o'clock hour. >> great to have you with us on this monday, bob kelly always looking sharp. >> thank you very much. i noticed i actually forgot to shave this morning i saw you had some stub he will. >> i was too lazy. >> it looks like a couple mornings though. >> it has been since friday i have stopped shaving, it is this morning i want to sleep in longer. plus i red a survey that said you know, ladies like it. >> yesy don't know fit is true >> what do you think. >> it looks nice. >> this is philly, of course. everybody has a beard. i love it. >> one person said when will you wash that dirt off your face. >> no, they did not. >> they said they liked it. >> it is scruff. >> we will see what the boss has to say. >> i have a number i give your scruff and here it comes, 10. >> yes. >> she likes it. >> it is also something to do
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with the weather today which will be delightful, but stop buddy celebrating national canoe day very briefly with very, very pleasant temperatures out there. 68 degrees right now. we have 63 over in lancaster. we will head down the shore, it will be a popular week down there leading up to the fourth of july weekend, boardwalk 67, in atlantic city. seventy-three north wildwood, further inland we have 62 degrees. so this is going to be a pretty one. 82 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy talking about when humidity returns coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning. 7:03 on a machine we have an accident i-95 southbound philadelphia fire fighters got the hook and lad's cross the two left lanes here. this is southbound just south of the stadium area, and right as you head into the upside of that girard point double deck er bridge. so again if you are leaving center city, northeast philly, heading down toward the airport right now only that far right lane is getting on
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through. otherwise if you are coming back from the shore right from the beach, right into the office monday mornings are always a little extra heavy coming back from the shore. we are seeing it here. we have got some wicked sun glare eastbound on the schuylkill expressway about 20 minutes from conshohocken to downtown. new jersey turnpike in the bad at all at the moment and then that new pedestrian bridge, in front of the family court opened between 18th and 19th and mass transit just some minor delays on a couple regional rail lines, alex and thomas, back to you. several police bikes were hit and cars damaged on erie avenue after a suspect barreled through a crime scene >> incident happened this morning in kensington. our steve keeley has been on the scene all morning long, steve. >> reporter: four hours old and philadelphia police are still looking for a nissan with dark tinted windows, black or dark blue, and then hopefully surveillance video will give detectives as they go from business to business looking for pictures a better shot at it later, including
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the license plate. police didn't get a good look because they were busy diving out of the way for their lives and they had solved a carjacking as we go to our video we will see officers mostly on bicycles surrounding this chrysler sebring that had been carjack after 2:30 this morning just a few blocks from here. they stopped at this intersection at i and erie and that is where trouble started. they arrest two guys get their one crime the next crime is even more serious comes right at them. you don't think there was an accident, drunk driver but intentional this guy wanted to kill cops. >> the man inner which this vehiclal approached the police office's period to be intentional. that is at lee the perception of these police office their were out here. i got to tell you, steve, it is very disheartening that at 3:00 in the morning we have philadelphia police officers, recovering someone's car, that was stolen only minutes before , recovering their car,
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taking a gun off the street and then to add insult to that the thanks that they get is a vehicle coming at them at full speed trying to mow them down. >> so three bicycles were heavily damage, even one of the police cars was damaged when one of the bikes hit by the nissan was thrown in the front end of a police car and that gives you a sense of how fast that nissan was going. police estimate 60 miles an hour and they don't think that this was an accident, they don't think somebody had taken drugs or was drinking and there is no skid marks, nobody heard an attempt to stop or horns honking they just saw this car barreling right at them, and luckily they all got away. only injury in the carjack ago rezaian officer broke his hand and treated at episcopal hospital but this could have been way worse, alex, thomas, this is stuff we have been hearing about in europe with people intentionally running down people in vans and trucks but not here in philadelphia and in the somebody trying to
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mow down uniform police officers out there doing their jobs. they risk their lives trying to arrest armed carjackers and lives in jeopardy again by something driving a vehicle at them at 60 miles an hour. >> horrible. >> hopefully is there surveillance video. >> yes. >> steve, thanks. more developing news out of kensington a 26 year-old died after being shot execution style and now police are searching for the shooter. it happened around 11:20 on east allegheny avenue and d street. police say the man was shot once in the head and no word on any arrests. man is in the hospital this morning have ago shot four times by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, the shooting happening at frankford on the 1,000 block of harrison street , and police say that the 48 year-old victim was shot once in the face, twice in the neck abe once in the arm around 11:30 last night. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. unsettling end to the weekend in wildwood crest as a multi alarm fire and explosion leaves two homes destroyed. >> this drone video really
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shows the story there, look at that black smoke, aerial view of the house fire on park boulevard. as drone hovered aboard dozens from wildwood crest and neighboring co were on the ground trying to fight this this morning. chief says fire intensifies after propane tanks exploded no one was injured, investigators are trying to determine what sparked the fire. a nation job, homes so close together trying to get that fire together. >> yes. a professor at university of delaware is out of the job after her face book post on her personal facebook page about otto warmbier. >> warmbier is a student who died after being held captive in north korea. professor said he deserved the punishment. lauren johnson, in newark delaware, what is going on. >> reporter: those controversial comments cost her, her job. when students returned for orientation and such she will not be on campus at the university of delaware. we found out about their decision to ask her to leave late yesterday and this comes
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two days after university released a statement. it says that the comments of the catherine detwiler do in the reflect values or positions of the university of delaware. we condemn any and all message that endorse hatred or convey inn sensitivity toward a tragic event such as the one otto warmbier and his family suffered. detwiler first made the comment last week object her face book page and then immediately people were calling for her firing n so many word anthropology professor called warmbier an entitled young rich white kid and blamed his parents for his death. the 22-year old was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in north korea for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel in 2016 hoping to keep it as a keep sake. he fell in the coma while in their custody. he was released back to the u.s. in a state of unresponsive wakefullness. he died a week later causing massive outrage and leaving many unanswered questions. as for detwiler she will not be back here on campus in the
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fall and students will no longer be able to sign up for her anthropology class, thomas and alex. >> certainly questions about what happened there. >> we have reached out to an attorney to see about this. it was on her personal facebook page. >> she's not talking right now it will be interest if you go forward and hear her thoughts behind the post what she has to say now that she has been dismissed. lauren, thanks. trial for d.a. seth williams continues today, deputy police commissioner joe sullivan is expect to take the stand. williams is accused of taking bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars in return for providing legal favors. seth williams has denied any wrongdoing. great deal of anticipation outside u.s. supreme court this morning. >> justices could announce their decision on the president's travel ban. >> doug luzader joining us from washington, and doug, also another question is looming, could one of the justices be announcing their retirement soon. >> reporter: good morning. well, if that is the case it
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will over shadow all of these other issues, that may come up , with these court decision that is we're expecting relatively soon. there is speculation and only that but there is speculation that anthony kennedy may be considering a throwing in the towel. as cameras click away for their class photo earlier this month there was justice anthony kennedy looking relax, chatting with his fellow justices but does he know something here we don't. is he stepping down? speculation swirling now after his clerks suddenly push up a reunion party over the weekend administration facing questions about the possibility of another court vacancy. counselor to the president kelly ann conway wouldn't say much. >> has he said anything to the white house about his retirement plans. >> i will never reveal a conversation between sitting justice and president or white house but we are paying close attention to these last bit of decisions. >> kennedy is 80, been on the court for almost 30 years.
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he is often swing vote making his opinion critical. if he steps down president trump will get to make a lasting imprint after already selecting neil gorsuch for the court shortly after taking office. >> it would be huge. it would really be a seismic shift for the supreme court. >> reporter: on the other hand kennedy could easily stick around either way other big news for court this week may be his decision on the president's controversial temporary travel bans are getting half dozen mostly muslim countries with the administration asking high court to overturn lower court decision toss put that ban on hold. of course, court new justice neil gorsuch could play a pivotal role in that decision, and that could come out as early as today, alex and thomas. >> we will see, of course, appointed by president reagan 30 years ago, doug luzader from washington, up next. 7:12. a teen fell nearly 25 feet from a ride in an amusement
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park and miraculously only had minor injuries and that is thanks to quick thinking from people on the ground. >> girl shy was holding on, karen hepp and the crowd said let go. >> she was on a gondola which is something we have been on one time or another. there is another very small child still safe there. it looks like she slips under gets stuck and they thought that she could not get her head out. she's 14 from our area from greenwood, delaware and dangling. people are horrified. they rushed over. they gather in a pack and they say let go, it will be okay we will catch you and they do. this was at sky ride at six flags in upstate new york an hour outside albany. she wind up being stuck, a minute and a half goes by but feels like an eternity they say to let go and she does he hits a tree and then they catch her. she did not suffer serious injuries. >> you don't know what to do. you understand somebody
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falling can cause damage to you or whoever but better to suffer a main or injury to save someone from a serious injuries and that that is is what those guys ultimately did >> six flags put out a statement saying safety and security of our guest is our top priorities. there does not appear to be a malfunction of the ride but we have closed this attraction until we can do a thorough review of the ride and that should be completed. one of the people who did catch that girl as she was falling got injured, her head smacked in his chest and full back. >> amazing, right place at right time. karen real quick can we zoom in on karen's lips. >> oh, geese. >> there was a facebook powe. >> what happens to your lips over weekend. >> a little bit of sunburn. i was enjoying myself, swimming down in the beach and they blew up. if you have any advice. >> were you puckering your lips. >> no, i was wearing my mom vi
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forgot to pit it on my lips and i woke up this morning and i'm daffy duck. >> do they hurt. >> you don't look bad. >> they look fuller. >> a little bit like lisa rena , yeah. it is fuller. >> is that what we say there is sun burn. >> there is nothing in these lips except for. >> look at thomas trying to call you out. >> what did you put on them afterward. >> vaseline, lip gloss and anything else you suggest i will take your advice, someone said banana peels, milk. >> aloe vera. >> i will try them all. >> anything that you think works. >> sue says ice. >> sure. >> i was going to powe it like what should you put on karen lips this morning. >> solicited some of the comments we received but do you feel better. >> they look good. >> since i woke up. when i first woke up it was horrifying but constant vase
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line has helped. >> let me know if you have any suggestion toss help her out. >> i don't know, sue. >> i could not tell either follow she told me and i think she looks fabulous. great excuse to have a water ice because then you can just have a cold water ice right autopsy begins your lips. you're welcome. high pressure is in control today we have a weak cool front to reenforce coolish temperatures in place right now, most importantly we have wind coming from the north and that means low humidity, and so tonight there could be a very stray shower overnight not a big deal and it is, 68 in philadelphia 63 in lancaster. sixty-seven in dover. sixty-three in the ocean, by the way, calm wind, just about every where we have westerly or northwesterly wind when we do get a breeze, yesterday was superb with a high of 86 degrees. pretty nice for late june.
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here we are the last workweek of june. july 1st is on saturday. row humidity days are today, tomorrow and wednesday starts to get hot on thursday, friday is high of 90 degrees. ninety-two on saturday. that is first day of july, sunday, got a storm chance but we usually do when it gets hot and humid and of course, staying hot as we get into the holiday which is coming up next week can you believe it. >> tuesday is the holiday fourth of july. >> right. >> 7:17. live look at i-95 northbound this fellow got a push by the police officer north on i-95 at route 413 in the construction zone blocking one of the lanes. got a push off to the shoulder here so we can safely see what is going on north and southbound i-95, northbound at 413 southbound sound glare and a accident at broad street coming back from the shore a picture here right where
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atlantic city expressway end and freeway begins and then watch for delays coming in toward philadelphia, folks stayed down the shore that extra night during summertime. eastbound on the schuylkill sun glare, working your way around the curve, so far, so good right after rush hour heading to or from the airport watch for delays here on the i-95 between enterprise and broad. south on i-95 goes, heavy from the stadium area through girard double decker bridge because of an accident in the left lane. alex and thomas, back over to you. well, tonight is award night for the nba and two of the three finalist for rookie of the year are sixers players joel embiid and dario saric. >> embiid and saric are up along with malcolm drogden, if embiid didn't get injured he would be obvious choice for rookie of the year. he only played in 31 games because of, well, we necessity injuries. most experts believe it will be saric, to get that award.
7:19 am
last sixth tours win rookie of the year was michael carter williams in 2014. we will see what happens. we have a good chance this year with two players. joel embiid should not be down because he will play next year , all good competition with fultz, and simmons. >> yes. >> part of the federal, nickname. >> that nickname is getting drama did you hear about kevin >> not a fan of the nickname he doesn't like it. draft night, we will catch you up here joel embiid tweeted that the new name should be federal because it stand for fultz, embiid, dario and simmons. >> is over weekend, durant, some of the warriors they were playing in the charity tournament, softball game, and nickname came up. he was with andre iguodala, and listen to this.
7:20 am
>> unaudible. >> well, that is tough to hear basically durant said how they got a nickname and ain't played no games together as you can imagine sixers fans weren't too happy. >> he was throwing shade. >> one person called kd out and said they didn't come join together after sixers already won 73 games the year before. >> wow. >> durant responded calling the name federal trash but gave the players some praise. >> then ben simmons responded with a sub tweet he said forget the nicknames let's hoop. and i believe in that too forget all that talk and noise at the end of the day we want to see some things on the court but it is a positive sign kevin durant he knows bit , he is talking bit. >> keeping an eyes on the sixers because he knows it will be a power team. >> i agree, lets get some action, lets get some games under our belt and win some games and then start talking about nicknames. >> people have such high expectations we want this to
7:21 am
do well and trusting process and the names so long lets come up with something else. so people have different opinions. >> are we still raising the cat. >> oh, yeah, i hope so raising the cat is a good thing. that is what i have to do to help them keep winning. >> keep raising. >> let them win some games and let's let the nicknames coming in we will be exited to see it happen. if you are flying this summer you may be asked tire reading material out of your car i on going through tsa checkpoints. why tsa is cutting down on the paper products thaw carry on the plane. also you have seen him play and now we are seeing eagles tight end zach ertz like we have never seen him before why he is stripping down with his wife.
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you may want to think twice of the reading material you bring on the plane.
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lauren we say it together because it is double trouble here because, alex was notic ing your beautiful earrings, and she wants to know all about the bling there >> yes. >> oh, i forgot which windy haddon. these are from ann taylor years ago. >> they are nice, beautiful. >> then we started noticing your watch, and your tennis bracelet on you are just bling , bling. >> we are trying to add it all up. >> yes, i got a little bit of a raise, promotion, so it is all good. >> you got a new studio. >> new studio, new you. >> yeah, right. >> new week, new studio, new me. going back to what the airports are doing and it is being done in california, colorado springs, vegas, these tests where tsa is saying the following: way you take your ipad out of your car i on and put tonight a separate bin. do the same thing where single piece of paper, magazine, powe it note, receipt in your car i
7:26 am
on as well as food that you are bringing, why? we don't want to pay to check our bags so we stuffed everything in the carry on we make it as big as possible and that makes it difficult for agents to sift through as they are looking for explosives and the like. if they make you take certain objects out and put them in separate bins they can better test and screen for the device that they are looking for, and also hearing that test in missouri this were not so successful so keep that in mind. >> what do you mean by passenger feedback or they were not able to see as much. >> passengers said it was inn vase turf their privacy, aclu, for instance, suggesting a sleeve, what you read says about you so maybe put that material in the sleeve so it is protected and in the separate bin and just creating a hassle. oh you want me to get that post it note. >> zip-lock bags and liquid, sleeve for reading materials, take off the shoes, ipad in
7:27 am
the separate one i just want to make sure i keep track. >> all for greater good, right >> yes, ship your item ahead of time, and just bring your id and yourself to the airport >> there you go stop cramming everything in your bag. you see these large bags coming on the plane sometimes. >> that is me. >> is it me. >> yes. >> i don't like to check we have talk about this we don't like to check bags. >> it is waiting that you do not like it takes too long and i'm ready to go. >> now you have to pay a fee for it don't you, lauren. >> on most, if you don't have status on most airlines you are paying. >> i don't have stat us well, you have your personal bag. >> you better get that status. >> they allow women to bring personal items, bling every where, you need a separate case for that. >> you don't have a man purse. >> no, it was like a briefcase , it wasn't a purse but sir, that is a carry on you have to pay for that.
7:28 am
lauren, thank you what airline was this. >> frontier which charges you for everything now. they stopped me. lady ahead of me had a purse. i said consider this a man purse. >> that work. >> they were speechless. they just said get on board. >> equal flying for everyone. >> yes. >> with my purse, fan i pack. >> kanye, my dad has a murse. >> let's check with jen. we're talking fashion. everybody is wearing shorts. how do you know which shorts work best for you. >> we will talk about different sizes and easies here and will tell us what type of sorts for which booty and everybody will be happy. >> styles for everyone. #p
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this show this people taking cover inside home depot look what is happening outside national weather service says one tornado touched down around 7:20 in the morning and six minutes later anotherone came through, as well. tornadoes had wind of 75 miles an hour. >> late friday, early saturday we were dealing with wicked weather. was this as a result of cindy, sue. >> there was moisture left over from cindy. it was also hot, humid air
7:32 am
mass and then a cold front just hit it. that is usually what spawns tornadoes, but it was far to the north of news monmouth county but still very chilling because you don't think of tornadoes in this area but we get a couple a year. we have got our quota, that would be fine for rest of the summer, right? bus stop buddy, celebrating national canoe day, spending the week at camp. kid are going off to camp this week. temperatures this morning in the 50's and 60's. don't forget that sun screen. we will want to be outside a lot. 68 degrees. 6-mile an hour breezes from the northwest, humidity low, 63 degrees in lancaster starting off with 55 in kutztown. down the shore 66 ocean city. seventy-one cape may. seventy in rehoboth beach this morning. lucky enough to have vacation this week you are off to a nice comfortable start. 82 degrees in philadelphia for our high today.
7:33 am
humidity coming back. we will tell you when. >> austin on his way to school , they have water play today, good advice there. make sure we put sun screen on , out here playing in the traffic. southbound i-95 heavy from cottman avenue into girard, morning rush hour underway, at 7:33. eastbound on the schuylkill a 21 minute trip, half an hour coming south on i-95 as we showed you in the shot there and westbound on the schuylkill expressway fender-bender right here near university tying us up with wicked sun glare out there this morning. be ready for that. good bridge opening one of the overpasses, pedestrian bridge in front of the family court that opened up on friday, if you didn't have work on friday come in later, note that is between 18th and 19th, that is good news for gang downtown and right after rush hour penndot is working on i-95 between enterprise and broad street cones will go down at 9:00, thomas and alex back to you. university of delaware, condemns a professor after her
7:34 am
face book post about otto warmbier. >> the american college student who died after being held captive by north korea and professor said quote he got what he deserved. that pretty much lauren johnson said it all. >> yes, it did. it cost her, her job. here's how it started. he was in north korea he wanted to bring back a keep sake. that wish cost him his life. those comments that this professor here at university of delaware made suggesting that he deserved it. cost her her job. she won't be back. her name catherine detwiler. she's an author and professor. until that facebook post. her rant was in responsibility to the international story of otto warmbier. he was an american college student who snatched governmental propaganda poster in north korea trying to bring it back home. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for that act. earlier he was released back to the u.s. when he came home he was in the comb's died last
7:35 am
week. detwiler didn't seem to be sympathetic, saying he deserved it because of his race and entitlement making harsh comments about his him and his parents on a personal facebook powe that has since been deleted. university responded on friday saying in part that the university of delaware values respect, and civility, and we are committed to global education and study abroad, therefore we find these comments particularly distressing and inconsistent with our values. our sympathies are with the warmbier family w that they told the professor she's not allowed back here on campus. she's not spoken out publicly since her comment or being fired but she does know that she will not aloud to teach any classes here. she was teaching, anthropology to delaware students. >> wonder what some of the students think bit all especially -- >> reporter: i looked on line and there is like a rate your professors web site. she's on there aloft people called her out spoken. she can be offensive at times
7:36 am
and she was harsh in her tone, criticism of others. so it seems like this wasn't too surprising for some people who had posted some comments on they are. >> her face book page is still up but she just took the comment down. >> reporter: correct, yes. >> more to come, lauren, thanks. a new jersey college professor who appeared on "fox news" has been fired. >> this after defending a black lives matter event in new york city. so karen hepp in the news room is what going on here. >> we have two case was two professors in our area from north jersey essex county college adjunct professor lisa appeared on tucker carlson show on june 5th. she was defending an african-american only black lives matter event. college officials say exchange that you are about to see was racially insensitive on her part. >> what i say to them is boo, hoo, hoo you white people are angry because you could not use your white privilege card to get invited to the black lives matters all black
7:37 am
celebration. wow. let me context you'll ice that had for you memorial demonstrations -- >> first of all i don't want you to do that... >> so, according to a new paper newark star ledger she taught communications and pop culture classes at newark campus essex county college president released a statement that says character of thins dogs mandates we embrace diversity inclusion and unity, racism cannot be for the with more racism. well, she has declined to comment and when contacted by "fox news". she said she was publicly lynched by the school. i'm sure people will have a lot of opinions about this one about this kind of speech and that kind of a show. let us know what you think about this, that back and forth environment and what she said, guys. >> very strong opinions about that. >> i wonder what will happen now, she will end up on a different university. >> another interesting case, we talk about this with the university of delaware, speaking with an attorney in
7:38 am
the next hour. >> this woman will sue. >> it is, begs the question, you know what can you say outside of work? do you have a right, you know, it is free speech whether it is facebook or program. >> she did not say she was representing the representatives, she was speaking only for herself in this case so she no way identified or locate that had she was with the university. interesting. she will sue. we will see. >> probably also depend on university's policies when it comes to their employees and who they hire in accordance with their standard. >> moral clauses. >> more to come, karen, thanks five-year old girl precious girl battling a rare disorder one that effects girls and now her big sister is asking you to believe in this strong fighting family who will join us live in the studio. ♪
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plastic surgery is on the rise for men. >> yes. >> take my vitamin c. >> trying not to get sick, protect yourself. >> yes. >> because of me. >> every five minutes. >> i'm popping something. >> my goodness. >> you are sounding all right.
7:42 am
feeling better ahh. >> i'm improving but there is still clearly, my friend text me and said you still sound sick. >> you are still congested but momma's here. >> we will solve girl time. >> hi mom. >> we have talk about this plastic surgery, survey according to a recent report 31 percent have men who reveal they would be interested in going under the knife specifically for know jobs, man boob reductions, and didn't mike talk about that? and ear pinning. reasons vary some wanted to maintain a youthful look. others just wanted to feel better about themselves and some wanted their partners to be pleased. i had a news director 17 years ago, hire a consultant to tell me to get a know job. they did before, after, images so thankful i didn't go through witt. >> they just said would i go further, you know, look good next to certain anchors if i have a thinner profile. >> i think your know went fine >> i'm so glad.
7:43 am
they said older you get, your nose continue to grow. we have big noses. >> i don't think it that is big. >> yeah. >> even that big, what does that mean. >> it is not even big it is big but not that big. >> it doesn't look big to me. courtney cox came out last week and saying she used to do , stuff and she at one point was like i don't even look like myself. she liked her natural self better. age can be beautiful. >> it can be but you feel pressure of society watching commercials or being out there i won't knock it. never had anything done to the face but talk to me in a couple years. >> yes. >> below, it is all me. i mean this wide are you kid me. >> i did cool sculpting, for one session. >> where they take it. >> they take this machine, i shouldn't say, but they take this thing like a vacuum and
7:44 am
it just lincoln and for an hour, it just cools your fat. it is when they take it off thaw start feeling it is almost like frostbite and skin recovers and you feel tingling and burning. >> where did the fat go. >> it melt is a way. >> one and done, that was it. >> difficult do, little restty lane, under the eye, back in california. it was most horrific thing. basically they do restylane. >> they inject it. >> he missed it. i was black and blue. it came out of the eye. i'm not a good candidate for procedures. >> you didn't do that again did you. >> no. >> it has been a couple years. >> lets check with jen fred because we're talking fashion. i want to hear about these shorts and different wog that fit the booty. >> i don't think you can cool sculp yourself into a pair of good shorts. >> i don't think so. >> key is knowing your booty.
7:45 am
we will talk about what that means and how is there i short for every booty. we are here this morning.
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good morning everybody. we're looking at a jammo working your way out of northeast philadelphia south into downtown philadelphia,& and half an hour on the clock, and then west on the schuylkill, leaving, south philadelphia, and heading in to center city. we had an earlier accident
7:48 am
right here at, and, and, an accident at haverford and mano a, speedometer readings for schuylkill real heavy out of town eastbound sound glare it is popping over the tree line, and, across town, your normal delays on the vine street expressway. coming up from say collegeille, royersford, heading in toward, king of prussia we had an earlier accident eastbound at trooper road, that is adding some extra time tour trip. for gang along 202 just watch for work zone both directions in the area of route 30 right there in west chester. forecast for today sueby has got tonight 152nd. time is 7:48. the sparkling atlantic ocean, just off atlantic city, it is
7:49 am
just a perfect, perfect morning. it is first day of the last week of june, yeah. >> this is from cape may. now, southern tip of southern new jersey. delightful weather path attorney start the week but heat and humidity will be returning just in time for a hot, holiday weekend. but nothing to show you on radar is a good thing. we will look at a sprinkle or two overnight and that is because cool front will re enforce lower than average temperatures in place. 68 degrees, in philadelphia heading to 82. and 78 tomorrow with some extra cloud but still delightful, and 80 on wednesday, heat and humidity are coming back alex and thomas here's holiday weekend 90's by friday and saturday. >> i don't know if my hair can handle it. >> it will be humidity air. >> more strand. >> just stop it.
7:50 am
>> you know how to make a man feel good. >> big know and your seven strand. >> i didn't say it was big. oh, my god. >> i said i like the beard. it is philly. we love beard. >> i feel good. >> lets talk about shorts. >> short shorts. >> yes, short shorts, age longer shorts, bermuda shorts there are a lot of great shorts and we don't know, you know, you want one that makes lou good. jen, you are here, where shorts, they are not for everyone you have to get the right fit. >> we are focusing on the boot y and i have a lot of friend that will not wear shorts at all, woman in particular. good morning. you have heard this complaint. people are like i hate my legs , i hate my booty i will not wear shorts. >> i hear it all the time. we have so many different kind for everyone that everyone will love the way they look at shorts this summer. >> we will bring out tiara
7:51 am
first. her outfit is amazing. she said she feels like she has a small booty. >> yes. >> mustard shorts with a little scallops with her little booty and her long fabulous legs. >> yes. >> what do you like about that just a simple look. she's doing more on top it looks like. >> we kept it simple, and off the shoulder is big trend. they are fitted but loose they are super comfortable on her body. >> i love it. thank you very much. >> next up we have gorgeous, one of my favorite people alexis, hi there. >> hi. >> she identified herself as. >> just alexis feel she doesn't have as many curves so we gave her fitted, super chic tailored looking shorts that are fitted in the waist but then fitted, so they give her some nice curves. >> i like it. >> i have to say when i first,
7:52 am
when i read your notes i said tailored but she looks like she could wear that work if she wanted to. >> yes, exactly. >> it is awesome. >> and last but certainly not least. >> we have erin. >> lovely erin. >> so erin, she looks amazing. >> of course. >> she said that she thinks she has a full booty. >> yes. >> this is if you want to wear shorts, you don't feel comfortable in shorts you can go to a skort that looks like a skirt but it is comfort of shorts. >> i have to say the way you style these shorts it is not super, super dress i but not super super casual. it more casual, for the on the go girl but then you can wear a blouse witt and feel if you want to dress it up. >> is there a short for every booty do you think everyone should be trying at lee one short this season. >> yes, of course.
7:53 am
>> why not. >> ladies, come back, we have to see your booty. not that we are looking at your booty, but, you guys look amazing, so coming up in the next hour we will talk about rompers and try to get the perfect fit for them. >> yes. >> they look great. great fit, thanks, jen. >> i have thomas, looking but it is okay, because i learned a lot. >> to find the best short for the booty. >> shorter, longer, yeah. >> jen, thanks for that educational lesson. >> we know olive oil is great for cooking but now is there an unexpected health benefit why you may want to stock up on this when you go to the grocery store next. this study was done here in our area we will talk to the person involved and why we should all be adding more olive oil in your lives. and also he is back after crashing our pool party last week richard curtis will join us in the 9:00 o'clock hour to co host "good day& philadelphia" stay with us. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
7:54 am
joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities,
7:55 am
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to tip or not to tip is still the question especially if you are traveling to another country. >> if you are supposed to tip, how much, do you leave? do you leave the wrong amount? and you end up offending someone. karen hepp's in the news room to tell us how much she tips. >> obviously you should tip our servicer very well, about 20 percent for our waiters and waitresses. other parts of the world if you leave wrong amount you may be considered kind of rude or lead to over spending. these are from the good housekeeping institute. they say in japan and china there is a no tipping culture. great news. tipping in restaurant and taxis found upon and should ab voided but in canada just like us 20 percent to any meal, 15 percent for others. and in france service charge may be included, has to be put in the bill by law. it has to be included by law. but lots of locals, think you
7:58 am
should leave extra money as a sign of appreciation, some of the chains there if you feel like you go france leave some money they don't want to be scorned by them. italy gra tooth is 10 percent, optional for cabs. southe asia tipping is not expected but polite and easy way to she your appreciation for good service and is greatly received mexico and south africa at least 10 percent to your server. so obviously in this country we tip the most, people expect between 150 and 25, roughly around 20 percent and taxi drivers here they do expect to be tipped but there is no fixed amount. but you know. >> sit really up to 25 percent now, standard tip. >> i think it business 20. that is normally what i do. i feel that is pretty okay. >> how do you feel when they put the tip in the bill. >> it is a large party, six or more, sometimes it is just easier then you don't have to
7:59 am
worry about it. >> i like on the receipt when they give you options, 15 percent will be there, 18 this, 20 this. you can already know and add that on. >> yes. >> especially with the tabs they do that. >> yes. >> bartenders i tip very well because they tend to be having a berth time. >> yes. >> unless they measure it out. >> yes. >> yes. >> heavy pour we will get you something. 25 percent, all right. a couple of lucky parents in california got to retire early thanks to their sly making you tube star daughter. >> karena garcia makes slime tutorial videos. look at that. >> eyes in it. >> she has almost 6 million subscribers. so, this slime has become a huge craze big enough that she makes between 100, $200,000 a month. this is from sponsorship deals and advertisers like coca cola and disney. she supports her whole family including her parents and
8:00 am
siblings through this hobby. that is now a job. $200,000 a month. good gosh. >> i need to start having children. >> we need to start making slime. >> start thinking of something you tube sensation. >> i hope she's saving that money too. >> good for her. >> yes. >> it is monday, june 26th, 2017. thomas is on point. >> please. close call, police officers targeted while making an arrest. >> the vehicle coming at them at full speed, trying to mow them down. >> why police believe it was intentional. a five-year old girl battling a rare disorder, one that only effects girls and now her big sister is asking
8:01 am
to you believe in written, this -- >> we know that olive oil is great for cooking but new is there an unexpected health benefit. why you may want to stock up on your next trip to the grocery storm. ninety's nostalgia at bet award. >> ♪ >> reunions rain supreme. >> ♪ >> other big performances and did so long snub her sister. >> all right. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning everybody. >> there we go we can set this monday off right. >> we should have white suits, i think that would have been cool. >> you cannot go on to white. >> it is not too late.
8:02 am
>> chorography. >> speaking of performance we should look to sue because you have had your play this weekend how did it go. >> it was great, it was always patsy kline at media theater and i'm still talking like this we had great crowd, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. me and jenny lee. you met jenny leon this program last week. that is what she looks like all dolled up as patsy. we had a great time. that is what i wore cat eye glass west rine stones this took place in the 60's, late 50's, early 60's, i read the part of the louise super man of patsy and she sang patsy kline songs. >> do you remember any of your lines. >> pride in the bucket. >> that is a memorable one. >> and the good parties i didn't to have really act. just pretend for a little while. great experience, thank you mediatheater did you learn anything about patsy kline. >> lots, i'm obsessed with her music now. >> didn't she go from country to pop. >> she was one of the first
8:03 am
country cross over artists but sadly she died in a plane crash and she was only 30 years old. you think about how people still remember her music to day. >> in camden, tennessee, isn't amazing i know this much about patsy kline. >> yes. >> it was, imagine, how much more she could have made throughout her life but she still remember her today. >> a nation voice. next stop, broadway. >> well, i'm waiting for my call. >> standing ovation. >> billy was there. >> my daughter, my husband and my sister, they all came up. >> that is lovely. >> conn greats. >> good to have your fans in your audience. >> what did you do this week? >> what did i do this weekend. >> did you get a standing o. >> you cannot top that at all. >> i guess you are waiting for your number. that is something else i'm supposed to do 10 out of 10 and buddy is celebrating
8:04 am
national canoe day, good time at camp or not heading to the lake, pad alloway, he has his ore and his sun screen because it will be a beautiful day. one to enjoy. put on that sun screen. 71 degrees is our current temperature northwesterly breeze at 8 miles an hour and 66 in lancaster. we go to cuts down at 59, cool and comfortable there ocean city new jersey 68 and rehoboth beach delaware 72. we are expecting a high of 82. plenty of sunshine. breezes out of the northwest this is an ideal weather day bob kelly. you really cannot get any better than that. >> get out of work a little early and just get lost. >> do it. >> 8:04. here's a live look at route 202, chester county dealing with wick sun glare. it is out there pack your shade. be ready for that. delays on the lansdale doyletown regional rail line,
8:05 am
and paoli thorndale line has had some earlier delays as well this morning, on september, now head up for patco tonight, because of some system maintenance you will not ab lud to use your debit or credit card right after the evening rush hour. so from seven to 11:00 it will be cash only on patco and then westbound on the schuylkill leaving south philadelphia watch for delays as you approach university and then earlier accident and volume heading in to downtown and lower merion an accident at haverford at manoa road. little bit of the backup on the bennie. big delay for the gang coming back from the shore on the expressway heading in to the 42 freeway. alex and thomas, back over to you. several police bikes were hit and cars damaged on erie avenue after a suspect barreled through a crime scene >> incident happened in concerning ton. our steve keeley on the scene with the update, steve? >> reporter: driver in the car believed to be dark nissan with dark tinted windows still being sought by police and it may have some front end damage
8:06 am
from several blacks trex bicycles that the police used when they are on bikes. you can see in our video their bicycles three of them got din ged up pretty good a lot of the tires, rims bent and it was lucky that the police didn't have their next broken and bent coming at them. it just starts after after 2:30 when they get a carjacking report a few blocks from i an erie street here right here in feltonville villain they catch the carjackers. they get one of their guns. they think job, well done. but then as they are surrounding the chrysler se bring that had been carjacked moments before another car comes barreling down erie avenue and then nearly kills several cops, as they dive out of the way at the last second. >> the vehicle narrowly missed these officers. these officer and there whether five or six think had
8:07 am
to jump clear out of the way to avoid a fatality here this morning. these bikes are marked police, vehicles and they were marked police cars with their overhead lights, on. there is in reason for this to occur. unless somebody intentionally wanted to hurt philadelphia police and the course of doing their jobs. >> reporter: so they don't think this was a driver under the influence, they don't think somehow he didn't see flashing police lights. they don't think he was on drugs. they don't think he passed out , was asleep at the wheel, they think that this guy intentionally tried to mow down cops, and that is a direct quote from captain tech nor right there. as we always say, you know, the best these police officers work and stop bullets but they will not stop a 3-ton speeding nissan that was going well over the speed limit double the 25 they say at lee 60 miles an hour down erie avenue. one officer broke his hand, arresting the carjackers and fortunately that is the only injury out here or we would be
8:08 am
going to another cop funeral if this guy was successful in doing what he wanted to do and these cops didn't have great influence and reflexes to dive out of the way nick of time it could have been worse, thanks, steve. 8:08. happy ending after a scary moment at a six flags amusement park in upstate new york. >> teenage girl falls 25 feet from a ride but there was a crowd below that was able to catch her n fact she hung on for several minutes, witnesses say the girl was from greenwood, delaware was dangling there before falling from the sky ride. going through some tree branches and landing in the arms below. it is not yet clear how she died or ride safety restrictions. she was air lifted to a local hospital as a precaution but has no serious injuries. she was dangling there, crowd gathering. they said let go we will catch you. >> how nice of them for strange tours come together to come up with a solution to make sure that she would be okay. >> one man suffered a back
8:09 am
injury but was worth to it catch that girl. >> she was. >> coming up at 8:09. philadelphia's own boys two men. >> back in town over week toned receive a special honor. >> ♪ >> look at that, sean stockman doing a little, east coast swing, sounded different though. maybe that was their school alma matter, because we know they went there they were sing ing with some students but juan, nate morris and they were there to see philadelphia street named for them. we're talking about broad street. so, the original member mike mccarry was not in attendance but r and b legend joined them at philadelphia high school and creative and performing arts, and to help unveil boys two men boulevard. it is right at broad street at christian and also, yes.
8:10 am
>> we say boys two men boulevard. >> for that section. >> it is root in that section. >> it is two blocks. >> one block. i did a story right when they said they would happen and asking people their opinions. they loved it. it makes sense. they went to had high school. area right in front of their high school. they say it is an honor. it is part of the wawa welcome america celebration. boys two men will be on stage for the concert on the parkway on the fourth of july and mary j. blige will be also performing. >> that is next week. >> can you believe it. >> where is this year going. >> real fast. this is my favorite time in philadelphia. you see everybody out, exciting. >> is there events every day, people coming to town and this is all started. >> everybody head down to the shore. >> yeah. >> it is a peaceful calm over the city, and then you get in restaurant faster. >> yes. >> get your food quicker. >> next week even will be busy fourth of july weekend. >> it will be packed. >> speaking of eating this morning we have been talking about olive oil i'm sure you
8:11 am
heard this by now. it is great for cooking. new is there an unexpect health benefit why you may want to stock up on olive oil next time you hit the grocery store we will break it down for you coming up.
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
8:14 am
yes, good morning welcome back everybody. we got this information from new jersey transit, atlantic city rail line service suspended between egg harbor and atlantic city. now from what we're hearing a person struck and killed by a new jersey transit train, again, this is down the shore, between egg harbor and atlantic city, the new jersey transit, atlantic city line, running along the shore area there. new jersey transit says that rail tickets and passes will be accepted on new jersey bus number 554 which actually travels that same stretch. again ac rail line services suspended between egg harbor and atlantic city for a machine morning. outside to a live look at i-95 in delco right here near commodore barry bridge we are
8:15 am
dealing with wicked sun glare and little bit of an unusual traffic pattern we will start to develop this week because we have vacations week long vacations starting to kick in. all of the kid are officially out of school, so this week long vacation will take chunks of volume out of our morning and afternoon commute, each week for next couple weeks, lansdale doyletown line and same thing with the paoli regional rail line and if you use patco head up from tonight from seven to 11:00. you will not be able to use your debit or credit card. they are doing system maintenance. it is cash only on patco right after the evening rush hour, and eastbound on the schuylkill we are dealing with some sun glare and westbound we are dealing with some delays from an earlier accident at university. your forecast for the rest of the day, sueby has tonight 15.
8:16 am
now 8:16. it is delightful, about this weather, and, slightly, and, today, and, tomorrow. probably wednesday, as well. maybe slightly under, as far as overnight tonight maybe a stray shower with another cold front coming through and that will keep things cool, and, tomorrow, and 71 degrees, plenty of sunshine, 8-mile an hour breeze but high of 82. that is cooler then yesterday 's high of 86. in the 70's tomorrow and 80 degrees on wednesday and then heat and humidity come back. we know they would just in time for first weekend of july , july 1st saturday, we have a high of 92, thomas and alex. >> it actually felt cool. >> beautiful out there.
8:17 am
>> light walk. >> researchers at temple university may find surprising benefit to eating extra virgin olive oil. >> and loss and reduces chance of being diagnosed with conditions related to alzheimer's disease. senior investigator on this study doctor dominic is joining us this morning. great to have you with us. this is fascinating. >> yes, fascinating, exciting at the same time. >> we're talking about extra virgin olive oil. >> and, the story is for many year we knew actually that a certain type of diet where people were eat living in a particular area of earth, mediterranean area they have much less incident of alzheimer's, dementia. but we didn't know why. what is the component, ingredient in this diet. people in the beginning thought it was fruit, vegetables but then, investigating and study deeper came out that probably the ingredient that is really could be responsible for this
8:18 am
benefit is extra virgin olive oil. extra virgin olive oil is available in area where we have, the part from which you get the extra virgin olive oil but nobody was able to pin down mechanism. it was never done to test to show whether or not really, extra virgin olive oil can improve your memory and reduce the pathology that we can have outside in the disease. >> bring in the folks. this happened at temple. >> yes. >> how long did you study this extra virgin olive oil. >> we have been interested in the last couple years. we were interested in general. first we started with the live stock. and then olive oil came about two years ago, when we decided to really test, directly, by using it in our lab where we can test the memory, the ability of learning of the animal mod that he will we have and we can fit them and then see after two or three months, six months of treatment whether is there any
8:19 am
difference. >> they are targeting nerve sells. >> they are targeting nerve cells which are the most vulnerable in our brain. if you think nerve cell one of the few cells in our body that if they die, they don't& replicate themselves. so whatever we have, we will have the rest of our lives. it is very important that we keep them, elevated. extra virgin olive oil does exactly that allowing them to protect themselves from the chronic accumulation of toxins that we have in our nerve cells. >> meaning that with this extra virgin olive oil what happens, you have better memory. >> yes. >> what are effects. >> better memory, better learning and importantly what we found we found a lot of this am lloyd plaques and the other toxic product that accumulate in patient was alzheimer's disease are totally gone. the most exciting parties we were able to pin down down the mechanism how extra virgin
8:20 am
olive oil does that the in the nerve cell. if were you to give the cell extra virgin olive oil is what happens is it boosts a system that normally is in place but when we get older and older that system works less and therefore the extra virgin olive oil gives back. >> it helps protect that. >> yes. >> people are at home, basically questions, we are doing extra virgin. make sure it says extra virgin a lighter, greener type of oil. >> and how much. >> how much. >> how much. >> what we suggest, a tablespoon per day but what would i like to stress is the fact that it is nothing something for a week or any other day but daily intake and chronic treatment, in other word we're talking about six or 12 months. it is a lifestyle change for people. it is not an acute effect. people should not expect taking a tablespoon of olive oil and my memory is back. >> it is okay fit is cooked or tablespoon. >> would i suggest it to be
8:21 am
not cooked. or your salad. >> yes, it wouldn't be used because when you cook want oil i have, oil can change. within of the most important ingredient would be gone. so as is. >> maybe down the road they will have a pill to pop every single day. >> that is a good point. >> fish oil. >> i put the patent on it. >> yes. >> we will get it together. >> absolutely. >> doctor, good toe see you. >> congrats to the folks at temple for discovering this. >> thank you very much. >> having my tablespoon later. >> i have a whole bottle t td khalid takes the stage with chance the rapper but who he brought up mid performance who stole the show. guess what jen's helping us with with clothing what is this about, jen. >> someone can be too tight and how do you get them to be just right, that is the song playing on the tv playing hear right now.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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>> ♪ >> he is so cute. dj khalid's son, he stole the show last night, joining his dad on stage and as for i'm the one he is backstage posing there in his matching outfits. that was not planned. so, they were both, blue gucci tuxedos. >> guess how much that cost. >> how much. >> $6,200. >> my goodness. >> you wear it once, that is it. >> he works for his son, that is his life. spend $6,200 you got that life , live it. >> with his new music his sonnies on the cover chilling in the hot tub. so cute. >> did he steel the show. >> he is listed as a producer. >> no way. >> yes. >> great way to give money to your son and have that set up. >> yes. >> it could be his college fund. >> true. >> a five-year old girl can't
8:26 am
wait to meet her, battling a rare disorder one that effects only girls and now her big sister is asking to you believe in bryn, they are having a mission we will tell but and it involves gwenn stefani. written written. so, your new prescription does have a few side effects. oh, like what? ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, ♪ nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪ and in certain cases chronic flatulence. ♪ no. ♪ sooooo gassy girl. ♪ so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good.
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8:29 am
shattered glass nails and this trend will cut you if you can get the look all, we will tell you the secret when we do it live on the show. look who is here. richard curtis is back. he will join us for the 9:00 a.m. hour all week. he is reading up on some stuff he is ready to go. kate wait to see you soon, richard. we have breaking news from bob kelly. >> good morning. we have latest from new jersey transit, a person, a male, they are telling us struck and
8:30 am
killed, by the atlantic city rail line this morning. this happened down the shore, between egg harbor and atlantic city. services suspended between egg harbor and atlantic city indefinitely at lee for the moment. new jersey transit says that rail tickets and passes will be accepted on the new jersey transit bus, number 554 and that stretch of the rail line runs along the shore between egg harbor and atlantic city. out we go i-95 northbound watch for delays up and over scudder falls bridge. see cones off to the side. they will work in that area all day long. we have some delays on septa's regional rail lines both lansdale and the paoli line, running with some delays today but at lee it is a nice day, we could be standing outside on the platform, is that right , sue. >> right. we have beautiful weather this morning, it is cool, comfortable, bus stop buddy is because it is national canoe
8:31 am
day. just wear your sun screen. it that is kind of a day. you will want to stay outside a long time because humidity is low. look at that 45 percent relative humidity with 71 degrees outside and temperatures 66 in lancaster. hazelton has a sweater weather at 58. sixty-four atlantic city international and dover, delaware 70 degrees. we should be in the 70's by lunchtime and love afternoon with a high temperature of 82 degrees. heat and humidity do come back in the seven day we will have that coming up in a few moments, alex and thomas. >> thanks, sue i will take it. there is a special bond that sisters share, bond that tara has with her younger sister has us all believing in brynn. eight year-old taron connor lights up talking about her five-year old sister taron who has a rare neurological disorder caused by genetic mutation in the x chromosome so it mostly effects girls. taron's caring spirit and busy
8:32 am
mind one night came up with a way to help her sister and others like her. after watching one of her favorite shows she sat down and pend this touching letter. she were specifically to gwenn stephani, in the letter she explains brynn's challenges were not being able to walk, talk or use her hand. shawn and kristin their parents posted the letter on facebook hoping it makes it all the way to gwenn stephani who will help raise awareness about rett syndrome and support for her awareness campaign believe in brynn. we will all be believing in brynn. we have the family here. we have kristin. >> hi. >> we have taron. >> hi. >> and then we have shawn, and then we have brynn. good morning to you all. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> of course. >> this all centered around you guys believe in brynn trying to raise awareness about rett syndrome. how would you describe it. >> so, rett syndrome is a rare serious neurological disorder,
8:33 am
it is caused by random genetic mutation on the x chromosome, it is typically associated with girls because if you remember from high school, girls have 2x chromosomes and boys have x and y. for boys who get it most of them don't survive and if they do, they don't see the age of two. where as girls in brynn's case she has a normal x chrome zone and a corrupted x chromosome and she's able to survive. the mutation happens in a gene that lead to an under brush of a brain protein. >> we are seeing pictures of brynn and the family. when was she diagnosed and did you know before she was born. >> no, rett syndrome typically you just see it is a normal healthy baby at first and regression period or things slow down where development is different. around nine months she just wasn't crawling. we seek help of doctor and
8:34 am
neurologist and then diagnosed at two, little after two. >> is there any cure can it be improved will she ever be able to talk. >> there is no treatment or cures for rett. there are symptoms for, the symptoms. they experience seizures and scoliosis but there is no treatment. rett syndrome has been cured in mice models. research community is very hopeful that they will be able to cure it soon. >> that is certainly good news >> taron we are seeing pictures of you and brynn together. are you close with your sister >> yeah, i'm really close with her. >> what made you write a letter. i hear you wrote an important letter getting a lot of attention. >> i watched the voice, one of the judges on the voice, and she always encourages girl
8:35 am
power for other little girls and i figured that rett syndrome really only effects girls mostly and it can effect boys but my dad says mostly it doesn't, and rett syndrome most love it. is it would be good if she could join team brynn. >> when you wrote your letter you want people to know about rett syndrome or do you want to meet her. >> i want people to know about it. >> meeting her wouldn't be a bad thing. >> no, that would help. >> you wrote the letter. mom, we have to get this out there. >> yes, taron 100 percent wrote this letter by herself she want need mail the envelope. >> she said mom. >> i'm so proud of the bond they share and our goal, as we fund raise for rett syndrome is for taron to do her own thing and super special but
8:36 am
she asked if i could get her address, and which i could, i could google it. >> does she have an address. >> i don't knowy said can i put it on our facebook page and it took two weeks for tar on to say yes, it was her letter, her decision but once we put it on, we put it on around 1:30 on thursday and it was shared a lot, which we're super grateful for. >> how many people do you think it has reach. >> my facebook page said it reached over 30,000 and we were told that two people, hit her management team. i'm not sure who. we have not heard a response yet but we are wait fog are that. >> forbes magazines and other outlets. >> article in forbes magazine came out friday, that was national, and then so many, brynn and our family has a fabulous network of support so people have been sharing ate lot, reaching out to whoever they know. >> people who want to help you is there a #or what should they do should they try to share it. >> we are trying to get #gwenn
8:37 am
give brynn a voice but search us on believe in brynn on social media, we have an instagram page, twitter page and facebook page. you have an event coming up as well. >> yes, we have partnered with the rett syndrome research trust, they have 96 percent of all fund that go to research, just the change brynn's life in the near future hopefully. we have a happy hour on october 7th with 100 percent of the funding to go research trust and the web site for is reverse back slash happy and you are welcomed to join us. we have it right here in center city. >> okay, yes, send it to me. >> thinks wonderful what you are doing for your sister, you must really love her. >> don't you. >> you guys have birthday, really close together. >> yes, her birthday is july 8th and my birthday july 9th. >> do you have any plans for your birthday. >> i don't think so. >> well, that is okay.
8:38 am
>> we will get in touch with gwenn stefani. >> fabulous birthday gift. >> yes. >> so lets make it happen. we are all believing in brynn, thanks so much for sharing your story and informing more people. >> thank you for inviting us. >> of course. >> is what #one more time before we go. >> #gwenn give brynn a voice a #believe in brynn. >> lets tweet at gwenn stefani >> thank you so much. >> let us know. >> yes. >> thanks, alex. >> happy early birthday. >> thank you. >> 8:38. >> she's smiling, i love it. >> finding comfort, one father 's message about tum per tantrums is going viral. yes says we shouldn't be embarrassed when kid throw a fit.
8:39 am
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a philadelphia powerhouse couple is featured in this years espn the magazine issue. >> this year issue celebrates and showcases athletic firm and biggest names in sports. monk these 23 athletes, in this years addition eagles tightened zach ertz and his wife julie ertz. julie's on the u.s. woman's soccer team, also featured, a photo. >> yes. >> that is behind the scenes. >> okay. >> camera reveal, that is how magazine comes out. so very cool. husband and wife, they are together. ezekiel elliott, julian edelman and isaiah thomas. ninth annual body issues hits news stand july 7th. >> different shapes, different forms, athletic. you can be a little thick, be athletic. >> they are all in their birthday suits. >> they are. >> yes. >> he is ready to see it. >> but it is congrats to them. i'm sure they have an interesting story. they know what it is like. on social media, pictures they are working out together since the off season.
8:43 am
>> they stay in shape. some couples you go for a run, work out together, it is interesting to go hear their stories. that will be out shortly. we have talk about rompers for men, women, it started with women. >> started as woman but romp him a male rompers. >> yes, it is a half onesy. >> but jen's showing us all kind of great won for women. >> for your body type. >> and, like how to make sure they are not too tight. too tight romper, no thank you come on back we will show you how to make them just right and in the too tight.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
shawnee, looking good this morning. where ever you are, it is looking fantastic, just about perfect, weather day, and we get started with a delightful weather pattern at lee for first three days of this week. heat and humidity of course will return and just in time for the holiday hot weekend. fourth of july is on tuesday. we have 71 degrees in philadelphia cooler at the shore. sixty-four, and, 70 degrees in dover. yesterday we got to 86 degrees today will be, cooler, then
8:47 am
yesterday. eighty-two. seventy-eight tomorrow. eighty on wednesday. and then get ready to sweat, thursday is will 88. we are in the 90's by friday and saturday and when it is hot and humid the ever present chance of the shower or thunderstorms. sound like a typical summertime to me. >> i will take typical. >> sue, did you know apparently according to time magazine today is 20th anniversary of harry potter. >> twenty years. >> how can it be? >> i can't believe it has been 20 years. >> here's a little something for people on facebook if you type a comment or powe or status update, of the slit tering griffindoor it will , once you press enter change the color of the font to that house, the green, and you will see a wand popping up that is on facebook, commenting on facebook. >> awesome. >> animated wand will appear, casting a spell. >> that is different houses. >> for different houses.
8:48 am
you have never read harry potter. >> no. >> i know. >> you are 20 years too late. >> i am 50 years too late. >> my mother and i used to read them together. >> really. >> that is how it works. >> here it is. >> so, this is something you can see magic coming out of it >> are they coming out with new harry potter. >> no, she has made side stories and other things but, i don't think she will come out with anymore harry potter books. >> you never know. there has been talk of prequel books and sequel books. >> she's the wealthiest author in the world. >> shouldn't that tell you, you should read it. they are good books. >> i heard she was richer then the queen of england. >> well, i'll be. >> started from the bottom. >> now she's here. >> lets get to rompers. we know trying them on they can be too tight, sometimes they are too loose or they don't fit right, it is hard to figure it out. >> let's get it right, jen
8:49 am
what are we looking at. >> we want to make sure they are not too tie. rihanna is here. >> good morning. >> good morning. rarely do you see someone in a too big romper. that is rarely the problem. >> no, usually that they are too small because they are too short or they are too long, so riding up so. >> you want to know your body size. >> exactly. >> let's bring in sierra. she will bring her in. her body type plays a big role in which one you pick for her. >> because she has long legs and little bit taller, so we needed to milk sure that this was long enough for her. >> okay. >> we went with the fitterred and this has asymmetrical lines. >> yes. >> i have to say, that this would be a ridiculously short skirt if it was, sierra were not wear that but as a romper it it is cute. >> yes. >> it is more appropriate. >> yes. >> i think lou great. you know you look great. thank you very much. >> is there different types.
8:50 am
that was more dress i romper. >> yes. >> and then we have alexis more casual, and little bit more sexy with the beach days. >> yes. >> i like this a lot too this is something you could wear in the evening, not be freezing cold but jab because it is short, it is a little shorter and flirt ier. >> exactly. it is awesome color as well with her red lips. >> thank you very much. >> we love it. >> and then finally i love the other two but erin steals the show because this, you have to wear this, erin, because you will get a bye friend in that. tell me about that. >> so obviously biggest trend this summer is off the shoulders. >> yep. >> we wanted to put that on erin and it is a little bit flowing. more casual. so she has her little sandals with it and some fun earrings
8:51 am
essentially off shoulder. >> i love romper you put on as well. lou great. >> yes. >> did i mention erin's looking for a boyfriend. she might be. i mean not looking but if some boyfriend came her way. >> yes. >> you went small inner a fit with this then you thought you would have to. >> yes, because i have the way way type, i feel like it kind of works and it is tight in the way way and more comfortable, flattering. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> sorry to are embarras you. say hi to your mom. >> hi, mom. >> hopefully i will find a man >> thank you very much. >> you did great. >> guys, so again, just right, not too tight. >> yes, i like it. you want it to be flowing. >> don't you want to get it tight if you are looking for that man. >> there are already kind of short as you can see. >> leave something to the imagination. >> yes, please. >> mom always said.
8:52 am
>> they are in the trying to see that. >> is brad pitt moving on who he was spotted with in hollywood that has been sparking all kind of rumors.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, everybody. an accident on the blue route 476 northbound, just north of macdade boulevard a couple cars off to the shoulder here and thinks having a domino effect on i-95 in both directions trying to get on to 476 for new jersey transit, atlantic city river line commuters service suspended between egg harbor and atlantic city person struck and killed by a train earlier this morning. rail tickets, passes are honored on bus route number 554, for the gang down the shore, for gang on the regional rails, couple septa's
8:56 am
lines still having delays chestnut hill west fox chase and warminster and then later tonight for patco no debit or credit card used tonight because system maintenance, so make sure you have the cash, alex and thomas. >> have the cash. >> show me the dollar bill. >> dollar, dollar. >> mean green. bet award last night was all about 90's nostalgia, reunion rained supreme plus the other big performances, did solange snub her sister? and richard curtis is back or is he. he is sleeping on the job. he will get off that job and come on the couch in the studio with you. >> you think 8:56 is early try waking up at 1:00 looking refresh joining us in the studio coming up after this. ♪
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oh, yeah bruno, i kick off bet award last night with a bang but 90's no, sir tall glad was the talk of the night a lot have groups came back together and we loved it. good day it is monday, june 26th, 2017. he is back. >> what is up, guys, good to see you both, happy couch, happy monday, good to see everybody. >> you may not be able to sleep on this couch. >> i thanks for waking me up back there, it is tough. >> i love the morning, took the train in to town here this was great. nice to be an official commuter for summer here. >> we will work you this summer. >> we will talk in a bit but lets talk about the bet award because some people are analyzing solange's acceptance speech. they think she may have snubbed her sister. >> and also, how about this we have all been there where your


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